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Research & Development


Humidity research is what drives our company. Being at the forefront of the humidity measurement industry means that MBW must continually innovate to improve the performance and working range of our equipment. Our technical leadership have a combined experience of more than sixty years in the development of humidity measurement and generation equipment. They are backed up by a team of specialist development engineers with a broad knowledge base in technologies such as metrology, electronics, software and materials science.

As an SME, we have the flexibility and short communication paths to identify, design, test and release new product developments within short time frames. This enables us to maintain continual improvement within our existing products, and when a new or specific need is identified, we can quickly introduce new developments.


For testing relative humidity sensors over a wide temperature range, it was necessary to supply a controlled and stable humidity flow in to an environmental chamber running above 90°C.  As the conditioned gas entered the chamber, the transition through the wall of the chamber meant that in some circumstances, condensation occurred.  To solve this, our team developed a heated chamber interface that could be maintained at an elevated temperature to eliminate condensation in combination with the heated inlet sample hose from the humidity generator.