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MBW’s manufacturing capability is based on more than 50 years’ experience of meeting and exceeding user requirements. Our products are typical Swiss Quality in terms of assembly, materials, sub-assemblies and packaging. We apply a ‘no compromise’ approach to decisions in terms of quality.  This makes the initial cost our products higher than average, but over the lifetime of the instrument (often more than 30 years) this makes our instrument lower in terms of the ‘whole life cost’.

As most engineers learn from experience, buying a low-cost tool usually means it needs to be replaced after a short time.  In calibration laboratories, the long-term stability of a transfer standard is a key component in the calculation of uncertainty, and this is compromised by lower quality and short replacement cycles.

By investing in an MBW instrument, longevity and stability are optimal; just check with your local National Metrology or Designated Institute, you are likely to find an MBW instrument there that will be an ideal reference in your investment decision.

In the SF6 gas analysis market, the same principles apply. The precision and longevity of our instruments means that despite lower cost alternatives being available, most high voltage equipment manufacturers continue to use and specify MBW chilled mirror based SF6 gas analyzers.