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Heated Hoses

Heated Hoses Overview

When measuring dew point above ambient temperature, condensation will form in sample lines where the tube/hose temperature is below the dew point temperature. Heated sample hoses solve this problem by maintaining the tube temperature at a higher temperature. MBW supply heated sample hoses in a range of lengths and fittings to suit most applications.

The heated hose only provides sample path heating upto the inlet connection of the instrument. To avoid condensation inside the instrument, its internal sample path and measuring head must also be heated.


There are two types of termination. The shorter 16 mm version is for direct connection to heated sample ports or sample manifolds. The 166 mm version is specifically configured to fit through the chamber wall of humidity generators and climatic chambers. The longer length ensures that the sample is extracted from the chamber working volume.

Please open the datasheet to view all the available heated hoses and their respective ordering numbers.