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973E Dew Point Mirror


973E is a value engineered version of the 973 series. It does not compromise on quality and performance, so still includes pressure measurement as a standard feature, can operate up to 10 bar and features ORIS to maintain fast response in spot check applications.


  • Fundamental drift free humidity measurement
  • Integral frost/dew point measuring head
  • Intuitive, easy to use LCD touch screen user interface

Key Specifications

  • Min./Max. frost/dew point range: -60 to +20 ̊C
  • Calibrated frost/dew point range: -50 to +20 ̊C
  • ORIS for fast response for low humidity
  • 10 bar pressure measurement

Typical Applications

  • On-site calibration of dew point sensors
  • Standards laboratories
  • Validation of production and storage conditions
  • Dryer performance tests