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973L Dew Point Mirror


The 973L is a completely new design.  It is the first transportable MBW to include mirror pre-cooling so the measurement range is extended to dew/frost points to -76 °C (1 ppmv). As with all MBW instruments with an integral measuring head, the 973L includes a 0.1% accuracy pressure sensor so that dew/frost point measurements can always be referred to the actual pressure.


  • Fundamental drift free humidity/moisture measurement
  • Integral frost/dew point measuring head
  • Optimal Response Injection System for fast spot checks
  • Integrated Stirling Pre-Cooler
  • Pressures up to 20 bar
  • Intuitive, easy to use LCD touch screen user interface
  • Transport case as standard
  • Optional Internal sample pump
  • Optional high accuracy temperature measurement

Key Specifications

  • Frost/dew point range: -76 to +20 ̊C
  • Calibrated frost/dew point range: -70 to +20 ̊C
  • Optional Temperature: -50 to +100 ̊C

Typical Applications

  • Moisture analyzer calibration
  • On-site dew point sensor calibration
  • Compressed air system validation
  • Dryer performance validation