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Statement of MBW Business in China

Statement of MBW Business in China


Dear Valued Customers and Partners,


We confirm that Shanghai RAYGE International Trading Co., Ltd and its relative companies are no longer representatives of MBW Calibration AG and are not entitled to sell MBW products in China, effective from July 15th, 2022.  This means that MBW products sold by RAYGE after July 15th, 2022, will no longer be entitled to any warranty and technical service support from MBW. The MBW products sold before July 15th, 2022, will not be affected.  Customers may now contact MBW directly for sales, service and support.



Process Insights Analysers (Suzhou) Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Process Insights Co., Ltd in China, it is our sister company in China. It is fully and exclusively responsible for the qualification review of the distributors of all Process Insights brands (including MBW, LAR, COSA Xentaur, Tiger Optics, Extrel, ATOM, AOI, Hygrocontrol, etc.) in China. Process Insights Analysers (Suzhou) Co., Ltd provides our original factory warranty and after-sales service. In order to ensure your rights and interests, please do not purchase MBW products and services at the company without authorization by Process Insights Analysers (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

潽洛因思分析仪器(苏州)有限公司为我司在中国的兄弟公司,现已全权负责处理Process Insights 旗下所有品牌(包括MBW,LAR,COSA XentaurTiger Optics, Extrel, ATOM, AOI, Hygrocontrol等)产品在中国市场的分销及代理商授权事宜,提供我司原厂质保及售后服务。为保证您的权益,请勿从未经潽洛因思分析仪器(苏州)有限公司授权的公司处购买MBW产品及服务。

另外,我司申明上海雷格所使用的www.mbw.cn / www.mbw.com.cn网站与我司(瑞士MBW)的官网www.mbw.ch无任何关联,我司已经劝阻其停用

In addition, we stated that the websites ww.mbw.ch / www.mbw.com.cn used by RAYGE has no connection with our MBW official website www.mbw.ch.